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Data-smart growing, better results.

Grologic uses AI and IoT to make indoor farming easier and more profitable.  The next generation of farming is here.

Gain access to advanced environmental insights using our wireless GroPro Unit with your current hardware setup. 


A technology stack for the future of indoor farming.


Customizable visualizations and alerts available at your fingertips.


Proprietary processing logic for faster and smarter data intelligence.


AI that integrates essential data into actionable cultivation insights.

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We empower indoor farmers with smarter data.

GroLogic’s seamless end-to-end technology solution gives indoor farmers confidence and control over their environment.


Our wireless technology stack is powered by AI and IoT.  It can be deployed in less than three minutes, giving you advanced real-time data intelligence at your fingertips.


Data-intelligence at your fingertips.

The GroLogic App can deploy in less than 3 minutes giving you actionable visualizations and real-time mobile alerts to any device when you need it.

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Step 1:  Click the GroLogic link, add your facility, enter the unit location, and sign up.

Step 2:  Scan the QR code to get the wireless sensor data.

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Step 3:  Monitor your GroPro sensor in real-time.

GroPro App

Grologic's technology is faster and more intelligent with advanced data horsepower. Join our beta program today.

GroPro Unit
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Finally, a hassle-free wireless solution.

Grologic's wireless solution makes hardwired electrical sensors obsolete.  Our proprietary processing logic utilizes advanced IoT intelligence with time series data that is available in real-time.


Customized reporting for maximum cultivation insights.

Turn your essential insights into proactive cultivation decisions.  GroLogic's advanced code stack offers plant-specific AI learning models customized to your operations.


For indoor cannabis growers who need to increase yield and product quality.

For small or large indoor agriculture operations that need quality and consistency across their crop.

Unlike other systems in the marketplace, Grologic's technology is simple and secure.  It's cost effective and easy to deploy in existing or new operations.


Seattle, Washington


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